Tuesday 13 August 2019
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A Glance to understand Hair Transplant in the UK

A Glance to understand Hair Transplant in the UK

The hair transplant procedure is plastic & a cosmetic surgery procedure involves the transferring of hair roots from the areas, which is resistant to hair loss to an area of hair thinning or baldness. The overall scalp gets affected by the Androgenic alopecia or genetic baldness, except the DHT-resistant hair zone, which is the back and sides (occipital and Parietal) part of the scalp. The hair transplant in UK is generally a meaty cost option due to high charges of the clinic and the costly surgical procedure.

Nowadays, almost every part of the world, including, country, state and capital are involved in providing the restoration treatment, but only those destinations are considered seriously, which gives you the best results at the best cost of the procedure. The hair transplant cost in the UK generally ranges from £1,000 to £35,000 that further affected by the state of hair loss, the extent of grade, the type of hair, and the applied technique, either the FUT or FUE restoration technique.

When the Procedure of Hair Transplantation is Suitable:

The procedure of hair transplant is mainly suitable for the Androgenic alopecia patients who receive the inherited character of hair loss from either parent. So, the case of genetic baldness is only permanently solved by the hair transplantation. But, the hair transplant is also performed to cure the spot baldness or Alopecia areata, Telogen effluvium for both the male and female to re-achieve the original hair with all the aesthetic touch & beauty.

Why Hair Transplants is a permanent cure for Baldness is highlighted below:

  • The hair transplant offers the permanent hair roots as the extraction process is only done from the safe donor (DHT-resistant) area of the scalp.
  • The transplantation process is performed from the patient’s own scalp and that’s why there is no any chance of side effects.
  • The procedure boosts the natural hair regrowth by the implantation of natural hair roots to the balding area
  • It is safe, painless and a scar less procedure if performed by the skilled hair transplant Surgeon.

How to go for the Procedure:

It is mandatory to go for the preoperative consultation with your hair transplant Surgeon in order to know about the actual state of hair loss in terms of the patient’s suitability to receive the particular technique of hair restoration.

To know the NW-grade of Baldness: It is important to know about the extent of hair loss, which is rated on the Norwood grade and it tells the cost of the procedure particularly. So, if a patient wishes to have the restoration surgery, it is needed to go first for the scalp evaluation phase with the performing Surgeon.

To Identify the Practiced Technique of the Procedure: There are two scientifically proven techniques of the procedure, namely the FUT and FUE technique; which is chosen only after a careful evaluation of the scalp as the technique selection depends upon the donor area availability and strength. A healthy donor area makes the full possibility of the FUT method, whereas the FUE is applied when the patient is suspected with DUPA (diffused un-patterned Androgenic alopecia) or do not fulfill the eligibility criteria of the FUT technique.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of plastic and cosmetic surgeries, especially the hair restoration in India is a wise decision, facilitated with the lowest cost procedure availability, which is performed by the good Doctors/Surgeon. The record graph of receiving the aesthetic result is also very high as compared to the USA, UK or Europe.