Friday 19 July 2019
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Eczema is a medical condition pertaining to the skin in where it experiences inflammation and the skin becomes rough with blisters that are itchy and tend to bleed. There are several types of eczema such as atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis and many more. Eczema is very common among people nowadays and as a matter of fact it is manageable. However, it cannot be cured. That is a statement that many should comprehend prior to understanding the disease itself.

This problem, eczema, appears with a few signs beforehand trying to indicate to us regarding its outburst. So, we should know what are the indications in order to be able to tackle the problem at an early stage. Such symptoms are dry skin, redness on affected area, dark coloured patches, itchiness, rough skin, crusting and swelling. In order to treat the eczema, we must first be able to detect its symptoms and curb it at an early stage.

Besides that, the next step to tackle eczema is to follow the doctor’s instructions precisely regarding medications. This is because the medication is our sole hope to stop the flares of eczema. Some doctors prescribe steroid cream for the eczema and some prescribe antihistamines for it. It all depends on the type of eczema one experiences. Some has eczema due to allergies and that can be stopped by antihistamine medication. As for the cream given, make sure to apply it constantly to help reduce the flares.

Furthermore, many of us do not know that even our diet can be a cause for eczema. This skin condition can also occur due to food that we are allergic to such as prawna, crab, clams, peanut and many more. When we eat these food, that is when the allergic system gets triggered causing eczema. So, it is equally crucial to control our diet and avoid all these food that causes allergies.

Next, allergies do not only come in the form of food. We can also be allergic to other stuffs like dishwasher, soap, detergent, lotion and many more. So, we should also keep an eye on the products we use on ourselves daily. If any sort of reaction is noticed after usage then it is better to stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor. That way we can stop the flare of eczema faster.

It is best to go see a doctor constantly even after the eczema has gone away just as a precautionary step to ensure that it has totally gone off. However, eczema, as stated before cannot be cured so it definitely have the capability of remerging again if actions are not taken to avoid the allergens. It would be a good practice to make sure we have no contact with the allergen at all to make sure the eczema does not occur again.

A common misconception that people keep having is that eczema is contagious. This is definitely not true because eczema is not and never was contagious. You can definitely not catch it from someone else. So there is now need to be worried if you have physical contact with someone that has eczema.

In a nutshell, all those mentioned before are a few steps that should be practiced by everyone that is having eczema. This is because it is best to avoid it at an early stage before it starts becoming worse. When the problem has gone to a severe stage, it will be more difficult to to resolve and it probably needs extra measures to be taken. Instead of letting the problem go out of hand, let us just take the simple steps to curb it at its roots. If you have any questions regarding eczema or you need some advice on it,then ask a doctor which help you to get better treatment.