Guide to Buying Steroids & Alternates

Guide to Buying Steroids & Alternates

Steroids are used for medical and non-medical use by people for various reasons. Some of them are guided by their medical practitioners and some just take the drugs without any care. This guide will provide a helping hand to those who would like to know about them. Hormones are chemical compounds produced by the hypothalamus and endocrine system. They are mostly used to regulate physiological and physical characteristics of men and women. There are different types of hormones produced in the body like testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, progestine, etc. Each of them has a specific role in the body and controls certain function.

Steroids for Testosterone

Testosterone is an androgenic anabolic steroid and it represents the male characteristics and is produced in the testicles. Women do secrete small amounts of the hormone in their ovaries. This hormone is essential in maintaining metabolism, muscle growth, sexual desire, fertility and energy. There are instances where secretion of the hormone is less and people start having different kinds of effects because of this. There could be any number of reasons why the secretion is low. The simplest of reason could be dysfunctional testes to damage of the brain or any other illness. In order to increase the level, one relies on steroids. These could be cheap raw steroid powders, injections, tablets, oral suspensions or skin patches. It is essential that not just any steroid can be used as the potential for side effects are high and before using them, one has to understand the consequences.

Steroids and Steroid Alternates

Medical grade steroids are given to people who are suffering from tissue loss, hypogonadism, infertility, etc and are carefully monitored by medical practitioners. The reason is simple: Any amount of steroid is harmful to health even under the best of candidates. The other kind of use is non-medical where body builders and sports people use for enhancement of strength and muscle power. These people take much higher quantities of steroids compared to their medical use counterparts. Apart from the real steroids, there are alternates to steroids which might be natural or chemical. The difference between the real and alternate steroids is that the former requires a prescription and is available in pharmacies under that condition only whereas the other one can be purchased anywhere from online stores, pharmacies or super markets. And they don’t require aprescription. The other difference between them is the effectiveness and the side effects.

Effectiveness, Safety and Side Effects

The real steroids are very potent in their effect and so is their side effects. For example, Dianabol isa steroid of the type methandrostenolone and its alternate is called D-bal. This is not a steroid by any stretch of theimagination but it mimics the action of the actual steroid. The effectiveness of steroids also depends on the form of intake. In the case of injections, high doses are given in a single dose per week and in the case of cheap raw steroid powders or tablets and suspensions, a daily dose is required. But one must be aware of the side effects that can occur along with the use of steroids.