Monday 21 January 2019
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Steroid cycles and its responsible use:

Steroid cycles and its responsible use:

Generally, most of the people who use steroids are athletes, body builders and other sports person. They use the steroids for improving their performance in sports. But the most of the steroids and other drugs are banned to use in sports. Even though the athletes, body builders and other people use the steroids. So, the steroid testing methods are generated for knowing the misuse of the steroids.

The steroids may seem to be dangerous, but due to its results and legal verification they gain huge popularity. When one starts to use the steroid, few basic steps should be followed for safety:

Basic steps to follow before starting a steroid cycle:

  • Make sure that you exercise regularly and take a proper diet. Steroids only can’t help you without exercise and nutritional diet.
  • Know your body condition and check whether your body suits for steroids by consulting your doctor.
  • Have a clarity regarding why you need steroid, whether to cut down your fat or to gain your mass.
  • Make a plan of your steroid cycle and typical length of a cycle planned.
  • Plan your budget on the steroids and check if you can afford the branded steroids.
  • Know the side effects of the steroids and also know how to avoid them.
  • If you take the steroid orally, know the dosage to be consumed.
  • If steroids which are injectable, know how often can you inject and be careful.

Safety issues concerned with the steroid cycles:

Always follow safety measures when you are on a steroid cycle:

  • Consider the age factor: It is not allowed to take steroids if your age is below 24.Only people with age 25 are allowed to take the steroid. Teenagers should avoid steroids to avoid production of natural steroids in their body.
  • First cycle of Steroid: Always use Testosterone as the first steroid cycle which is the best beginner’s steroid. As testosterone is naturally produced in human body, taking this steroid is considered to be safe than any others.
  • Know your steroid cycle: Try to keep your steroid cycle short less than four weeks. Know the typical length of a cycle to avoid adverse side effects. If not the bad cholesterol increases in the body and may lead to serious heart diseases.
  • Concentrate on diet and work-outs: Steroids start to work only when your body does regular works. More protein food should be included in the diet, so that the body growth is healthy with steroids.
  • Dosages: Always keep you dosages low at the beginning. Give a short break between the cycles to overcome side effects. Low dosages can lower the side effects.
  • Combination of Steroids: If you are the advanced user and experienced in using steroids, know the better combinations of the steroids and follow it. Increase in steroids use increases stress on your body parts.

Finally, go for a full body check up and blood tests before starting a steroid cycle to know your body better.