Thursday 19 July 2018
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What Are The Different Types Of Dental Procedures?

What Are The Different Types Of Dental Procedures?

Dentists have to play the role of a doctor as well as artists. It is not only that we visit the dental professionals for curing the intricate pain caused by the gum infections or from any tooth but also to enhance the beauty of our smile. There are many among us that have faced major injuries in life for which the jaw line may have got broken or the teeth got brittle with aging. But, the expert dentists or the orthodontics that we mainly call the dental surgeons play a major role in enhancing the beauty of the smile by fixing the jaw line and restoring the teeth.

If you’re interested to know some of the different types of dental procedures, we’ve got a list here—

Dental implant

Implants or un implant dentaire is done to patients when a tooth or more than one tooth is lost. It is the procedure of making the base on which the artificial tooth is placed. Normally, dentists use metallic or ceramic dental implants as they ensure longevity. These metal posts are surgically planted on the jaw bone that will work as an anchor for the replacement teeth. The entire process is called dental implant starting from planting the implants to placing the caps.

Tooth Extraction

It is the process of removing the tooth from the socket on the jaw bone. Sometimes eroded or the broken tooth has to be extracted to replace it with a new implant. This often becomes a painful episode for many which is why the dentists extract out the tooth.


This is the dental procedure that is done by the orthodontists. They place the braces considering the right measurements of the gums. The braces are mainly given for shaping up the jaw line as well as the teeth. Different types of braces are used these days considering the purpose and the price, you can select.

Endodontic or Root canal

This is mainly processed for recovering the pulp lying beneath the tooth. It is the source through which the tooth is nurtured. Sometimes, the pulp gets infected and causes severe pain. This is the high-time when the dentists recommend root canal treatment to the patients. Deep cavity, broken tooth, injuries etc are responsible for the damaging of the pulp.

Apart from all these, you can also visit a good dentist for teeth whitening treatment or scaling. Often the heavy smokers go for this treatment for retaining the bright smile of theirs.